Move beyond the base template with a few example layouts. We encourage folks to iterate on these examples and not simply use them as an end result.

Basic marketing siteのテンプレート


Featuring a hero unit for a primary message and three supporting elements.

Fluid layoutのテンプレート


Uses our new responsive, fluid grid system to create a seamless liquid layout.

Narrow marketingのテンプレート

[test]Narrow jumbotron

Slim, lightweight marketing template for small projects or teams.

Justified navのテンプレート

[test]Justified nav

Marketing page with equal-width navigation links in a modified navbar.

Sign inのテンプレート

[test]Sign-in page

Barebones sign in form with custom, larger form controls and a flexible layout.

Carousel jumbotronのテンプレート


A more interactive riff on the basic marketing site featuring a prominent carousel.